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November 30. 2006 14:11:15

18 March, 12.30 am strong american team on the grid

Interview with Phil Greenwald, US Team Leader

Ninety-seven athletes from the United States registered for the 2nd Indoor World Championships, about 80 travelled to Austria. Phil Greenwald says that this journey was it worth: “The Arena is the most beautiful one I have every seen, die whole infrastructure for athletes and spectators is great. Through the big glass walls a lot of daylight which makes the stadium bright and friendly. The organization is awesome as well. “

Bill Collins is responsible for the highlight in the US Team, he ran a new masters world records in the 60m and 200m races (agegroup M55). Phil looks forward to earn more medaillons especially at the 4 x 200m relays for which he nominates.

In America the maters-scene is very popular and and gets bigger every year. That’s why a lot of meetings for veterans take place all over the USA and why the USTAF has it’s own masters section.
A lot of athletes are going directly to Bosten from Linz because there the American Masters Indoor Championships are held on the next weekend.

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